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Are you planning on painting the exterior of your Auckland house? As a client of Banks Building House Painting Services, you can expect the following:

    • No matter how big or small your exterior house painting project is, we can do it!
    • You’ll save money with our competitive pricing, with no sacrifice in quality.
    • You’ll save time and effort with our ‘start to finish’ project management service.
    • You’re ensured top quality workmanship – we have over 30 years of combined industry experience.
    • Your exterior paint job is sure to last as we only use the highest quality paint materials.
    • If something doesn’t look quite as you imagined, you’re free to discuss with us so you’re delivered exactly what you envisioned.

Need to know how much your exterior house painting project will cost? Simply get in touch and one of our expert Auckland painters will schedule a time to view your home and put together a comprehensive, accurate painting quote and price estimate. This quote will be completely free, and comes with absolutely no obligation on your part.

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What are benefits of painting the exterior of your Auckland home?

Home Value

The first benefit of exterior house painting is that it adds to the real estate value of your home. One of the first things that people see when they view your home from the outside, apart from the architecture, is the exterior paint job – or lack of it. Old, peeling paint, or nonexistent paint, may indicate that the home is in a state of neglect, even if this may not be so. A home that lacks the proper exterior house painting in a street filled with well-painted homes will stand out for all the wrong reasons, and may actually bring down the tone of the neighborhood in the same way that an unkempt lawn will look out of place in a street lined with well-manicured lawns.


One of the most important reasons to paint the exterior of the home is for the sake of protecting the home from the harmful effects of the elements. The exterior of a home takes a lot of beating from so many things, including rain, snow, freezing temperatures, heat and other elements, all of which have a cumulative, corrosive effect on the physical structure. A good layer of paint serves as the only protection the exterior of the home has from such abuse. With the right quality of paint and a professionally executed paint job, exterior paint can often last for a considerable time.


Apart from the elements, other biological considerations include the growth of moss and mildew as a consequence of water seepage, or the existence of moisture in the walls of the home. A good coating of paint can prevent such an occurrence and preserve your home from any other biological growth.

Cheap Makeover

If you are considering remodeling, one of the cheapest things that you can do to give your house a new look is to repaint it.


Apart from the value of the home, another reason to paint the exterior of your home is simply for the sake of the appearance of your home. You can get creative with the selection of paint colors for the exterior of your home, showing off your prowess as a designer, or simply as a person with an incredible eye for the finer things of life.

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