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Are you planning on painting the interior of your Auckland house? As a client of Banks Building’s interior house painting services, you can expect the following:

    • No matter how big or small your interior house painting project is, we can do it!
    • You’ll save money with our competitive pricing, with no sacrifice in quality.
    • You’ll save time and effort with our ‘start to finish’ project management service.
    • You’re ensured top quality workmanship – we have over 30 years of combined industry experience.
    • Your exterior paint job is sure to last as we only use the highest quality paint materials.
    • If something doesn’t look quite as you imagined, you’re free to discuss with us so you’re delivered exactly what you envisioned.

Need to know how much your exterior house painting project will cost? Simply get in touch and one of our expert Auckland painters will schedule a time to view your home and put together a comprehensive, accurate painting quote and price estimate. This quote will be completely free, and comes with absolutely no obligation on your part.

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Benefits of Interior House Painting

Feel Good Factor

The interior of your home is even more important than the exterior since this is the space in which you will have to spend most of your time. As such, factors like the paint on your wall matter, not only because you will be seeing a lot of those walls, but also because interior painting has some health benefits. You should choose the colors that make you feel good and use them on your walls because the color of the paint you select for your walls can actually have a calming or therapeutic effect on you. For instance, the color of the paint on your wall can affect your mood — a “happy color” can often serve to lift your spirits, as opposed to clashing colors, or old, peeling paint which may dampen your spirits. It’s amazing how merely changing the color of paint on your walls, or even replacing the old paint with a fresh coat, can create a huge effect on your living environment. White or light colors can really open up small rooms while pastel colors can create the impression of serenity.

Hide Those Marks

Some marks on the walls might be hard to remove. In such a case, a good interior painting job will address the permanent marks and give you a means to hide the stains or marks.

Indoor Air Quality

Another benefit of interior painting is that it can promote a healthy indoor air quality in your home. This is especially true for homes with plaster walls that are prone to emitting plaster dust. The paint serves as a sealant that keeps the dust in check and reduces the dust emission to the barest minimum.

Show Your Creative Side

Allow your creativity to run free with your interior painting. This is your personal space and you can show your interpretation of “fun,” “lively,” “mature” or “cool” with your application of paint. You can have so much fun painting a child’s room, or you can paint the various rooms in your home around a theme or several themes.

Home Value

Just like exterior house painting, interior painting also adds to the value of the home. Apart from the outside, people will also appraise your home by looking at factors like the paint on the walls. A well-maintained home will have a good coat of paint, while one of the indications of home neglect is peeling paint.

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